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03/31/2005 Entry: "4/1/2005: Letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe Roark June 4, 1987"

Letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe Roark June 4, 1987

Dear Joe,

Got your latest RR [Roark Report] yesterday and I must say it was GREAT---TERRIFIC. This is the sort of stuff you should dish out in each issue.

I was also very happy for you to learn the sub list is growing. Keep at it and I know that one day, in the not too distant future, you will be a force to reckon with.

I was particularly impressed with the seg on Albert Beckles. This in itself would make a very fine article. You know how much confusion there is over the vital statistics of BBs. It is like drawing teeth to get an HONEST reply re measurements, lifts, ages etc etc. Try measuring their arms one day. The excuses you�ll get as to why you can�t would make a novel in themselves. Most will refuse. And it is obvious that most of the tapings they claim are as phony as a politician�s pre election promises.

Latest news from here is that the State government has closed down all the body wrap parlors, saying their claims are fraudulent and the chemicals used in the wraps can be dangerous to health. Goody goody gum drops. It is about time something was done about these phonies.

I can�t recall if I told you that, at the request of XXX, I went through �his� book with a fine tooth comb. I have never read such a load of hogwash in my life. I see the fine hand of XXX here with the constant laudatory remarks about the Wonderful [One] From The Hills--- Woodland of course.

There is one passage that claims Chuck Sipes had a forearm of over 18 INCHES. Not even Apollon or Goerner had forearms this big. Other stuff in it is repetitive of material culled from English mags such as VIGOR and H&S that go back to the late twenties, and all presented as NEW and SECRET.

I have tried to find someone who can get me a card for Meg�s graduation. So far no luck, but I�ll get there. Please let me have her last name and, please, give her my very best wishes for a successful and happy future life.

Charlie Assirati has his statue on half the bloody buildings in London, among them SHELL HOUSE on the Embankment, SOUTH AFRICA HOUSE etc etc. He was one of THE greatest models in the UK.

Best to you and yours,

PS: Did I tell you that David Chapman will be in Austin the 24th and will stay until the 26th. No sign of the Todds yet. They are still away. But if you write them, please don�t mention about Chapman. I�ll tell them AFTER he arrives.