Iron History

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04/07/2005 Entry: "4/8/05: Reference List to Articles and Publications"

Here is a sampling of various, smaller, publications which were mentioned in some of the magazines, as well as when some mainstream mags covered iron topics. Some of these titles are very rare.

Jul 1955 p 65 Walt Baptiste and wife pub "A very interesting
little newspaper called YOU" which concerned
spiritual and mental as well as physical @
Nov 1956 p 50 Aug 1956 TRUE had article "Secret of the sideshow
Jun 1957 p 23 Feb 4, 1957 WALL STREET JOURNAL page 1 "Sinew seekers
lift bar bell sales high, bring boom to gyms"
p 23 Feb 11, 1957 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED "A big lift for fitness"
Sep 1957 p 25 May 25, 1957 SATURDAY EVENING POST on Muscle Beach
p 46 July issue of CHAMP highlights Paul Anderson's career
Apr 1958 p 58 Jan 1958 issue of MAN'S MAGAZINE. Harry Kurch's
"What you should know about weightlifting"
Sep 1958 p 54 HUDSON DISPATCH May 2, 1958 Weider promised to
stop publishing JEM and MONSIEUR
May 1959 p 48 MUSCLE BOY- pub in ACE paperback
p 48 March 1959 issue of MAD magazine parodied BBing
Oct 1959 p 45 May 1959 issue of TEEN magazine "Do you dig muscles?"
p 45 May 30, 1959 issue of SATURDAY EVENING POST on
Peter Dawkins
Nov 1959 p 48 The novel MUSCLE BEACH pub by Ira Wallach
p 48 Jun 8, 1959 issue of U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT on
systematic ex
Dec 1959 p 22 Sep 1959 SPORT about Tommy Kono "Strongman from Hawaii"
Oct 1960 p 22 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED article by Pete George (in summer
of 1960, which issue?)
Mar 1961 p 46 Dec 1960 POLICE GAZETTE on Louis Cyr
Aug 1961 p 23 NEW YORK DAILY NEWS May 14, 1961 about Sig Klein's
beer stein collection
McWilliams is on cover
Mar 1962 p 45 Recently featured Hackenschmidt in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED
article "Lion in the ring"
May 1962 p 26 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED covered York Barbell Co. and Hoffman
Feb 1963 p 26 book: THE AMAZING SAMSON(ZASS)- by WAP
Sep 1963 p 26 PAGEANT mag cover York
Mar 1964 p 70 GOLF mag Jan 1964 2 pages on isometrics

Jan 1950 p 45 Chet Teegarden's monthly bulletin from YMCA in
Berkely, CA .15 cents
Mar 1950 p 44 March 1950 issue ESQUIRE by Karpovich
May 1950 p 20 @ intended monthly publication for Ironman
Oct 1950 p 45 Another plug for Teegarden's bulletin
Dec 1950 p 33 Ironman now becomes monthly with this issue [ but did
it ever, really, become monthly?]
p 36 VIVACIOUS WOMANHOOD begins as a woman's section of
Ironman mag and feautured Lynn Roebuck:
" is our hope that it will grow into a separate
magazine that will exceed in beauty and quality the
best of the men's magazines." Staff includes:
Peggy Gironda, Anne Laurie Willard, Beverly Crowle,
Peggy Redpath
Apr 1952 p 35 Color film: BODYBUILDERS from Spectrum Films Co. of
Cincinnati, OH
Jun 1952 p 35 "Irvin Johnson is now publishing his news bulletin
Jul 1953 p 38 OAKLAND TRIBUNE write-up on John Davis by Alan Ward
Sep 1953 p 33 Pho @ his TV show HEALTHFULLY YOURS
Jan 1954 p 47 John Davis featured in EBONY and READER's DIGEST
May 1954 p 63 annc WEIGHTLIFTING NEWS from Ironman (was actually
Jul 1954 p 5 editorial about LIFTING NEWS- by subscription only
p 32 LIFTING NEWS 'postponed for a month'
Mar 1955 p 35 Dec 1954 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on Norb Schemansky & Kono
Jan 1956 p 39 "There are quite a few mimeographed publications on
barbell work put out by the various clubs, gyms,
and districts." One was INTERMOUNTAIN WEIGHTING
NEWSLETTER edit by Dick Fowler 2814 Lemay Ave,
Salt Lake City 4, Utah.
p 54 May 1955 TRUE about Louis Cyr; ridiculous claims
Mar 1956 p 38 Barker's pub listed p 43 ad for such
Jul 1956 p 10 Music and lyrics by Hal Raywin of the song MUSCLE
BEACH sand by the Cardinals at Mr. USA
Sep 1956 p 43 May issue of BLUE BOOL mag
May 1959 p 35 George Kirkley, T. Zimmerman, Ben Helgott are to
begin a new strength mag called THE STRENGTH STHLETE
Jul 1959 p 37 Doug Hepburn "How to develop your bench press"
Dec 1959 p 37 News sheet from Lew Dick and Steve Rapp

Apr 1960 p 35 Don Scott, Reg Lewis, and Sam Calhoun made a film
for the Groucho Marx show
p 62 new pub from Waly Marcyan and Tony Terlazzo
Jun 1960 p 31 May 2, 1960 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on NCAA WL contest
Mar 1961 p 52 PHYSICAL FITNESS bulletin by RVC 1455 West San Carlos,
San Jose 26, California
Jul 1961 p 48 BOOK of STRENGTH by John Day Co. 210 Madison Ave,
NY 16, NY $3.50 192 pages
p 49 Recent issue of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL featured home gyms
Feb 1965 p 28 @ new magazine soon BODYBUILDING ILLUSTRATED by end
of Jan 1965 with Tom Minichiello as editor
Mar 1965 p 34 new magazine BODYBUILDERS by Tom Minichiello
GPO 1330, NY 10001, NY .50 per copy or $2 year
p 19 Ironman's new publication: THE CHRISTIAN CHALLENGER
is due out by middle of Feb 1965,
Box 10, Alliance, Nebr
Sep 1965 p 39 @ Dan Lurie coming out soon with new muscle mag
p 39 Ironman lost $5000 last year by publishing
Jul 1966 p 40 Tommy Kono's pamphlet on his life: "KONO LA
APLANDORA JAPONESA" from Commercial York, S.A.A.
Morelos No. 87, Mexico 1, D.F.
p 42 THE FLORIDA WEIGHTMAN by Donne Hale Boc 38-21
Miami, FL 33138
Feb 1968 p 44 THE FLORIDA WEIGHTMAN has ceased
Jan 1970 p 49 Bill Penner published BULLETINS
Sep 1972 p 51 Bill Starr's WEIGHTLIFTING JOURNAL P.O. Box 1077
Santa Monica, CA 90406
Sep 1977 p 42 FLORIDA BODYBUILDER by John mese 170 NE 99th St,
Miami Shores, FL
1413 West 215th St, Torrance, CA 90501
Sep 1979 p 36 Doris Barrilleaux SOUTHERN PHYSIQUE ASSOC
P.O. Box 937, Riverview, FL 33569
Jan 1983 p 94 POWER pub by Pete Samra and Clay Quinn
311 S. Osage, Independence, MO 64050, quarterly
Nov 1983 p 55 John Balik BODYBUILDING NEWS 16 pages, 6 issues year
for $12 Box 777 Santa Monica, CA 90406. Will be out
ten days after the contests- except Mr. O
Jan 1985 p 58 Denis Reno's WEIGHTLIFTING newsletter(wrong address
is given)
Mar 1985 p 55 Dennis Reno;s newsletter 30 Cambria Road, West
Newton, MA 02165
Nov 1985 p 43 Newsletter Bill Clark 3906 Grace Ellen Drive,
Columbia, MO 65202-1796