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04/02/2009 Entry: "4/3/2009: Conclusion of the June 21, 1988 Letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe"

Part 2 of June 21, 1988 letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe Roark

Re that basal cell carcinoma. I couldn't care less. I know it is a minor matter and that it is removed by incision. Whether or not I shall have to be hospitalized I don't know. The doctor who did my check up says it can be done in the office, but I trust doctors as much as I trust priests, politicians, and lawyers.

The info I got about York trying to sell the mag came from Dellinger himself. Personally I think it is a foolish move since the mag is naught but the catalogue for York products- protest against this as you will- and therefore the mag is needed. Can you imagine how Weider sales would go over without any of his mags?

Slip Saxon was a writer for H&S and, if my memory serves me right after more than half a century, usually wrote about track and field. In my opinion the name was a pen name and probably one of the staff of Health and Strength was Slip. Parsley? All I can remember about him is that he wrote for H&S- obvious isn't it?

Grimek wrote me and told me about his encounter with the Wunderful Wun. He said he sat at the same table as Mr. Wunderful and his missus, also with Arnold, etc etc, the l;atter telling him HE would do all he could to help him in his lawsuit- saying what an inspiration Grimek wa to Arnold etc etc. What a load of bullshit. Inspiration isn't the issue here at all. At the same time, Grimek said that, though he had buried the hatchet, he WOULDN'T TRUST WEIDER AT ALL. His business. You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think, as Dorothy Parker once remarked. A non seqitur, this, it would seem.

TWO separate people have told me that when Hoffie was in his dottage, our friend tried to get him to sign a contract for 12 articles for 35 THOUSAND bucks. Hoffie's girlfriend phones Grimek and asked- belay/that, she phoned TERPAK and asked him what to do. Terpak told her to snatch the contract out of our pal's hands and heave it into the fire- which was done.

Any one who claims- male that is- to have a twenty eight inch waist- and a bodybuilder to boot, is digging his own grave and needs no help from anyone else to make him look and sound foolish. He is doing a bloody fine job all on his own. Who cares anyway, except gullible kids and beginners. This sort of stuff is typical of the hogwash printed in muscle slicks today.

As for Park. Something else to chalk up to experience. I should have known. Reg knows how I helped him so no one should be required to jog his memory or his elbow. Yes, the article was worth reading as it related to Park, which I guess was the sole purpose of writing and publishing it, so why am I complaining?

Re the Old Timers deal. I'd much prefer to see some semblance of order than presently exists, if only to protect Boff's rep. There SHOULD BE A COMMITTEE handling affairs. The fifteen bucks would not go into paying the cost of holding a dinner, that is paying for the meal, but simply to run the organization. The meal costs 35 to 40 bucks, PLUS hotel and traveling expenses for those who live out of town- and in my case these were considerable. No, I'd like to see a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer to see what membership funds came in are put to proper use. That remark made by Andy Jackson isn't as far off the truth as you might think.

I have seen some letters from Jowett bitterly complaining that the bloke you mentioned shafted him re some funds he, Jowett, should have got but didn't.

Let not the way people write to you amaze you. I have dealt with cases and situations that must have had Kraft Ebbing turning over in his grave as fast as a spinning top. As the old time comedian Lew Lehr used to say, 'People are the CRAZIEST people'.

Vic has complained many times that he has had to bear the costs and - what he said was- the losses from running the annual bash. So his call for 15 bucks per, indicates one thing to me, he is trying to avoid the losses. Nothing wrong with this of course.

I am wondering if it is the Flushing Flash trying to buy MD. I hope not. I wonder what Dellinger's position will be, rather IF, the mag is sold. I am told that one of the heirs wants to take her money and hop it. wise move this since I see some deadly power struggles and dirty in fighting soon. What a pity. Reminds me of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire. NOTHING lasts. All things pass, yeah to the fourth and fifth generation. A hundred years from now, I wonder where I Brute Enterprises- the title of Weider's company- will be. I think of, and remember what an empire Sandow had with an enormous office and warehouse right close to where I once lived at the Elephant and Castle. Gone now, and forgotten. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Thank you for being so kind. Thanks too for writing and don't forget, if it is possible, to send me the Doug Hepburn- two of'em-xeroxs.
best to you and yours,