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IFBB Men's Historian, P.O.Box 320 St. Joseph, IL 61873


Code abbreviations for various magazines:

Adonis Adonis
BAWB British Amateur Weightlifter & BBer
BBW Body Beautiful (Weider)
BodyBeaut Body Beautful (Paschall)
BI Body International
BIH Bodybuilding an Illustrated History
BL Bodybuilding Lifestyles
Body & Pow Body & Power
BT Body Training
CB Chicago Bodybuilder (later, The Bodybuilder)
DBN Delaware Bodybuilding News
Demigods Demi-Gods (Weider)
DIG Muscle Digest
EX Excel
F Flex
FemILL Female Illustrated
FPP means full page pho(tos)
FemBB Female Bodybuilding
FMN Florida Muscle News [Florida Muscle Plus]
FPA Female Physique Athlete
Fla.WM Florida Weight Man (Hale)
GLFG Great Lakes Fitness Guide
HIT High Intensity Training [Hard Training]
HS Health & Strength
IG Iron Game
IGH Iron Game History
IS Iron Sport
IM Ironman
I.MAST The Iron Master
IOL International Olympic Lifter
IS Iron Sport
Jem Jem
KB Klein's Bell
LA The Lady Athlete
LN Lifting News
M2000 Muscle Media
Mr.A Mr. America
Mr.A (AAA) Mr. America (All American Athlete)
Mr.U Mr. Universe (Reg Park)
Mr.UW Mr. Universe (Weider)
M&BB Muscle & Bodybuilder
MaxM Max Muscle
MB Muscle Builder
MB[MacF] Muscle Builder by MacFadden
MBN Modern Bodybuilding Newspaper
MD Muscular Development
ME Muscle Elegance
MF Muscle & Fitness
MFH Muscle & Fitness HERS
MMA Muscle Mag Annual
MMI Muscle Mag International
MMOO Mighty Men of Old
ModM Model Man
MP Muscle Power
M&P Muscle & Power
MS Muscle Sculpture
MTI Muscle Training Illustrated
Mus & Beaut Muscle & Beauty
MusBoy Muscleboy (Weider)
MusCo Muscle & Company
MusMan Muscleman
MusUP (or M-up) Muscle UP
MW Muscle World
Mwest Muscle West

Magazine & Book code for Joe Roark's Files (con't)
NatM Natural Muscle
NatBB Natural Bodybuilding
NatPhy Natural Physique
NBF Natural Body & Fitness
OX Oxygen
PC Physical Culture
PD Power Digest
PH Powerhouse
Phy Physical
PI Physiques International
PLUSA Powerlifting USA
PM Planet Muscle
PP Physical Power
PPP Parrillo Performance Press
Ppress Pumping Press (McGough)
RENO Reno's WL Newsletter
RPJ Reg Park Journal
S Strength
SA Super Athletes
SA The Strength Athlete
SAK Strength Athlete (Kirkley)
SFit Sports Fitness
SH Strength & Health
SJ Steele Jungle
Sly Phy Sleek Physique
SOS Sons of Samson
SOS2 Sons of Samson 2
SPA Superior Physique Association
STFB Strength Training for Beauty
Strongman The Strongman
Superman Superman
T Testosterone
THG The Hard Gainer
Vim Vim (Eells)
WASP Womens and Strength Periodical/Publication
WO Workout for Fitness
WPP Women's Physique Publication
WPW Women's Physique World
WSP Women's Strength Periodical
WWL World Weightlifting
YP Your Physique
Young Young Physique

Zagurski, Wally SH: Dec 1932 May 1934

Zaino, Chris NatM: Sep 1997

Zajac, Ed IM: Mar 1982r

Zane, Christine MB: Feb 1980
MF: Aug 1980

Zane, Frank IM: Sep 1966r May 1969r Mar 1973
Jul 1977r Mar 1978
& Mar 1978r Mar 1980 May 1983
Sep 1986
MB: Nov 1966 Aug 1970 Oct 1970
Jul 1971 Oct 1974 Sep 1976
Feb 1977 Mar 1977 Aug 1977
Jan 1978 Jun 1978 Feb 1979
May 1979 Feb 1980
SH: Jan 1967
Mr.A: May 1967 Jul 1968 Sep 1969
Nov 1969 Feb 1970 Oct 1970
FlaWM: 2:5
Mr.A/AAA: Jan 1968
MTI: Sep 1969 Apr 1984
DIG: 1:5 Oct 1978 Mar 1983
MMI: Aug 1975 Nov 1978
Mar 1980 May 1980
Sep 1982 Mar 1983
May 1983 Feb 1984
Oct 1984 Jul 2000(drawing)
MU: Apr 1980 Feb 1981
MF: Aug 1980 Feb 1984
Dec 1989
F: Jan 1984 Dec 1989
Mus & Power: Nov 1984
HS: Nov/Dec 1972 Jan 1973

Zarella, Joe PLUSA: Oct 1977

Zatkoff, Brian NatPhy: Mar 1989

Zdrazila, Hans SAK: Nov 1964

Zebrowski, Ed SH: Aug 1934 Sep 1938

Zeller, Artie MB: Jan 1955
BodyBeaut: Jan 1955 May 1955r

Zetterqvist, Inger F: Apr 1984

Zimmerman, Denise WPP: Mar/Apr 1986

Zimmerman, Dick SH: Jun 1935

Zimmerman, Phil SH: Jun 1969

Zimmerman, Sandy SH: Jun 1969

Zinkin, Harold SH: Jun 1947 Sep 1950
TomsMan: Dec 1951r

Zuccolotto, Troy MTI: May 1991
DIG: Oct 1981
BL: Jul 1991 Apr 1992
MF: Nov 1986 Mar 1989
May 1990
IM: Feb 1990
MD: Feb 1990
MMI: Mar 1990
F: Mar 1990 Apr 1995
NPC: Mar 1990

Zuelke, Mark MensFit: Aug 1989 Jun 1990

Zwierzchowski, Andrzey Muscleman: Jul 1953
HS: Apr 30, 1953 Oct 15, 1953

Zych, Amy FB: May 1995