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02/26/2009 Entry: "2/27/2009: The May 25, 1988 Letter From Charles A. Smith to Joe, Concludes"

Conclusion of May 25, 1988 letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe Roark:

Ah ha! Is there any organization in Austin that will come to my home, take me a mall, a whore house, a blind pig, a head shop, or whatever. Yes, there is if you believe the Yellow Pages and other parts of the Austin Telephone Directory- as many of them as there are fleas on a dog. But getting their services is something else. Damn, bugger and bladt those who refer to Old Age as the GOLDEN YEARS. BULLSHIT.

The organization here is known as the Austin Senior Citizens Social Services- try twisting that one around your tongue a few fast times and see what you come up with. However, the Austin Senior etc etc like the US Post Office and the Deity, perform their wonders in mysterious ways. Want an example? You don't? Well you're gonna get one anyway.

Not too long ago, Vera was unable to do my monthly shopping for me- she was off to some conference in Houston. Bob was in a similar state since he had the kids to look after plus scads of school work, so I called the Austin Senior etc etc to see if they had someone who could shop for you. I told them who I was, my circumstances and what I needed. Did they have anyone. Sure they did. Got a paper and pencil handy? Yes, I said, I have. Good they said, call this number.

So I called the number they gave me, told them who I was, my circumstances, what I wanted etc etc. Sure, they said, we have someone, got a paper and pencil handy? Sure I said. Fine they said, take this number and call it, they'll take care of you. So I call the number and them who I was, what my circumstances were and what I wanted. Could they help me. Sure they said. Got a paper and pencil handy. Sure I said. Take this number down they said. They'll help you.

So I call the bloody number--the FOURTH and what do I get? An answering machine. Leave a message on the tone I was told and we'll get back to you pronto if not faster. So I left my name, phone number, my circumstances and what I wanted. I am still waiting for them to call back.

So I did what I should have done in the first place. I called an old girl friend and after half an hour of arguing in which I was told 'You don't love me any more,' and my swearing and vowing by every God of every bloody culture that I did, she finally came over and did my shopping for me

The Austin Senior etc etc also have funny ideas about who you want as home visitors. That seem to think that because YOU are 77 years of age, you want to chat up with people who are 77 too. As a result one gets troops of doddery old bastards knocking at one's door, coming in and talking about nothing but their operations and what they chat about with their second cousin twice removed on their maiden aunt's side and this I don't want.

I know I am OLD chronologically, but I ain't mentally and I want YOUNG STUFF to visit. But above all I want my FAMILY to visit which they rarely do. The only ones who call me are the boys to tell me this and that, who they had punch ups with at school, what tricks they have played on Johannah and how she was mean to THEM. The nerve of it.

So in some ways I am better off as I am. Also the Austin Senior etc etc has the pleasant habit of sending the rich bitches around who act so bloody patronizing its unbearable, and all I can do is to be barely polite. I hate to be 'slummed'.

Anyway I am getting fed up with this sorry world anyway and am happy with the thought I won't be around much longer, then everyone can cheat and shaft to his heart's content and can pollute the atmosphere, screw up the environment and get rich quick without a single thought of what they are doing to anyone or anything. Happily, I won't be here to see the mess.

Man doesn't need atom or hydrogen bombs to destroy the world, He is doing a bloody good job of it on his own with his own greed and selfishness, so UP the Austin Senior etc etc and screw them all bar one and that one can screw himself.

With these inspiring words I leave you to your grisly fate,
best to you, Geni, and Meg,