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06/23/2005 Entry: "6/17/05: Contest Results for the WBBG�s Big Apple Area"

Here are the New York City area contest results for the WBBG�s Big Apple area titles:

I am aware of variant spellings so if you know the correct spelling please let us know.

Year: Mr. NYC Mr. Manhattan Mr. Brooklyn Mr. Bronx

1970 Douglas Lowinger none none none*

1971 Josue Rivera Josue Rivera Herman Pacheco Robert Maysonet

1972 Hermann Pacheco Ernesto Jiminez Tony Badal Gene Lumumba

1973 Rafael Olivera none Fred Gallepoli Rudy Whitehead

1974: Fred Gallepoli Sentanos Marcellino Ned Williams Jose Castillo

1975: John Calascione George Joseph John Calascione Herman Pizzaro

1976: Joe Caserta Vidal Pizzaro Joe Caserta Harry Scott

1977: Al Kohler Eddie Davis Tommy Meejom Narcelino Cento

1978: Josue Rivera Jose Rivera Walter Rock Richard Ortiz

1979: Walter Rock Gilbert Ortega John Triglia Andrew Haynes

1980: Gene Lumumba

Year: Mr. Queens Mr. Staten Island Mr. Long Island:

1971: Hollis Keller Leon Brown none

1972: Dan Samuda Gene Lumumba none

1973: Rafael Olivera* * Ernie Bond Rafael Olivera**

1974: Dan Samuda Gene Lamumba none

1975: Glynn McMahan George DeNardo George Karas

1976: Nelson Martin Russell Cunningham Ralph Saccemte

1977: Alfred Kohler Robert Masino Bill King

1978: Ed Silva Frank Rapaccinoio John Marsico

1979: Larry Samuels Lou DiBella Stan Czjakowski

* from 1971 the winners of the Burroughs contests competed for Mr. NYC

**in 1973 Mr. Long Island and Mr. Queens were combined