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08/05/2004 Entry: "8/6/2004: Letter from Charles A. Smith to Joe Roark Oct 8, 1986"

I pondered whether to post this letter because of the nature of it. It is no secret behind the scenes that the bodybuilder mentioned had some mental problems. Many of you will know his identity. He has, since this letter was written, died.

Some of the statements in this letter may have evolved into other conclusions, but this is what Charles knew at the time he wrote it to meL

Dear Joe,

A very brief letter to give you some news. Got your news letter yesterday and will comment on it in a later missive.

Had mail yesterday from someone in Mass to tell me Leo Gaudreau had had a stroke 'a week ago.' Letter obviously written for Leo by someone, dated October 2nd and as obviously mailed a day or so later. Letter said Leo would be glad to hear from friends. [Roark: Leo died June 1, 1990, about 7 months before Charles would die]

Recently a story in MUSCLE AND FITNESS under the name of XXX .

XXX had written to Weider saying he was broke and could use some money. Weider says write an article about the Rest Pause system. XXX does.

Then XXX walks into a Calif bank with a radio blasting the ears of all and sundry. Personnel tell him to turn it down. He tells personnel to get stuffed. Personnel call cops. One responds and tries to deal with situation. XXX beats him over the head with the radio. Cop suffers irreparable brain damage. Other cops respond and ten of them cool XXX off and get him downtown.

There he screams that Ben Weider is after him and has a contract out on him. Screams that Schwarzenegger has been following him on a motor bike and is in the next room plotting his downfall. Attorney tries to please bargain saying XXX was under the influence of drugs- he had been snorting cocaine- Cops say no dice and XXX draws two to five in the toughest Calif jail.

Alas this sorry world of yours,