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This is the FIFTH installment of a chronological magazine listing of Strength & Health readers who wrote letters to the editor, starting in December 1933 (mag had begun one year earlier).

The first name, Gilbert Guttormson SH 3-34 p 17 means that his letter to the editor at S&H can be read in the third month of 1934 (March, 1934) starting on page 17.

Again I must remind you that I never intended to share this material, had composed it for my own use, and would have double-checked it before using it, so you may find mistakes. And, while I regret that, it does not prompt me to re-check the hundreds of references here before offering it to you- as I said, I would have checked a ref as needed.

Anyway, please ignore the * when you see it.

After all the installments have been presented, you will have a record of
everyone who ever wrote a letter to the editor at S&H.

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Joe Roark

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