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09/17/2003 Entry: "Sep 19, 2003 by Joe Roark"

Arnold Schwarzenegger was age 21 when he began his string of three consecutive Pro wins at the NABBA Universe in London's Victoria Palace- he had won the amateur division in 1967 there, and in 1968 began his triumphant pro trilogy.

In 1967, Bill Pearl, a month before his 37th birthday, won the Pro division as Arnold, 20, won the amateur.

So far as I can determine, the farthest distance anyone has traveled within 24 hours following one victory to another victory is the trip described below by Arnold.

On Sep 19, 1970, in the Pro NABBA Universe, here are the partial results:

Class 2: short
1. Boyer Coe
2. Kassem Yazbek
3. Fanie Du Toit
4. Nicolas Kemp

Class 1: tall
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, also won the overall
2. Reg Park
3. Dave Draper
4. John Bubb

So Arnold and Dave Draper flew across the Atlantic to Columbus to compete in the Pro Mr. World at Veteran's Memorial (where the Arnold Classic is held these days).

Arnold won the tall and the overall Pro Mr. World, Sergio Oliva placed second and Dave Draper, third. Two weeks later Arnold began his string of victories at the Mr. Olympia, where again Sergio placed second, and Dave won the IFBB Mr. World also contested that night.

At the Mr. World, Draper won only one best body part category, best chest. So medium height class winner Ricky Wayne may have entertained the thought of overall victory having also won best arms, back, abs, and poser. But Wayne's hopes waned. Draper took the overall.

Short class winner Franco Columbu was declared most muscular and best legs.

So Arnold, after losing to Sergio at the 1969 Mr. Olympia, laid the groundwork a fortnight before the second Olympia battle for the Sandow by the Columbus discovery of victory over The Myth.

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